Nginx market share soon to hit 10% mark

According to multiple sources such as:

the amazing and lightning-fast web server known as nginx is just about to hit the 10% market share mark in the next couple of months. This is a fantastic milestone for the author, Igor Sysoev, who probably didn't imagine that the application (which he originally developed on his own) would meet such fame.
Diagram courtesy of W3Techs.com (article linked above). Its market share went from a little over 5% to almost 10% over the last year as you can see. 

I wouldn't go so far as to say that the release of my Nginx HTTP Server book (released Summer 2010) was one of the factors that contributed to the popularity of the Russian web server. It is my belief that the sole quality and efficiency of the software is what made its success.

The book was and is being translated into three languages:
  • In Japanese
  • In Chinese (to be published soon)
  • In Korean (release date unknown) 
Nginx is already a popular web server in Russia and Asia; some of the most popular websites in these regions are powered by nginx; namely Yandex, 163 (China's #1 e-mail platform), Soso.com, Renren.com, and more internationally Wordpress, among many others. My own websites GBAtemp.net, FileTrip.net, ShopTemp.net are powered by nginx as well.


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