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Clickatell vs MessageBird vs Nexmo vs Plivo vs Tropo vs Twilio: outbound SMS pricing comparison

DISCLAIMER : I am not affiliated in any way to any of those companies. I'm an independent software developer. This article is based on pricing data collected on May 2018. As I was looking for a provider to send SMS internationally from a web application (one-way), I was recommended a variety of services by friends and colleagues. My main concern was the pricing: which of them would offer me the cheapest rates in the most countries? Obviously the answer isn't that simple, so I decided to collect pricing information from major providers to compare. I tried including SMSGlobal in this comparison but they wouldn't provide me with a full list so I had to exclude them. Methodology There are three important pieces of information that you absolutely need to grasp before you continue reading this article: •  The prices I have collected do not include bulk discounts . Most, if not all providers offer such discounts if you talk to their sales department. The rates I have