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Windows 8 on Macbook freezes due to Broadcom wifi driver: a solution?

I am writing this article in the hope that this will help someone else. I have a white 2009 Macbook (version 6,1 -- if you want to know what's yours, refer to this list ) So here's the thing. I just installed Windows 8 on my macbook, via Boot camp. Unfortunately, even after installing the most recent available drivers (from Bootcamp 4, since Bootcamp 5 doesn't support my Macbook version), my computer freezes at random times. After reading about a lot of similar problems on the web, this blog post seemed to best describe the issue I was personally encountering. Indeed: if I disable the Broadcom wifi adapter, the freezes no longer occur.  So yes, it seems the problem comes from the Broadcom wifi driver . It seems that I was able to solve the problem after looking at numerous solutions on the web. I followed all the instructions on this blog article but it did not solve the freezing problem. So I took additional steps. Before read

PHPDocFill: write beautiful PHP documentation easily

Have you ever needed to write PHP code so fast that you didn't have time to properly comment it? These situations tend to happen a lot when you are being pressured by your boss (I know what I'm talking about) to deliver projects under strict deadlines.  Once the project is delivered, it is always a pain if you ever have to come back to the code and comment it.  To make it easier and more enjoyable to comment your PHP code (afterwards I suppose), I've developed a simple tool called PHPDocFill that does the following: - scans the current folder and subfolder to find all php files in your project - analyzes your PHP files to find PHPDoc documentable elements - easily insert or edit documentation blocks - it even generates a simple HTML manual based on the documentation found in all the files Full documentation, information, downloads and screenshots are available on its official site. Official site: