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Top 3 ways to disable high contrast and accessibility features in Windows 7

BEFORE FOLLOWING THIS GUIDE, make sure your users don't actually need this feature. High-contrast mode is very useful for some people. If you disable it for them, they will be pissed (I noticed several visitors got mad at me for writing this tutorial). Working as a system administrator (among other roles) in an international school, we've got a lot of computers to manage here and kids never miss a chance to mess up with them. The latest trend is to enable high-contrast mode, basically making the computer turn black and white along with a bunch of other fluorescent colors. I don't need to remind you how annoying this is and why a more permanent solution needs to be found for this problem. Tip: you can quickly enable or disable high contrast mode by pressing  Left Alt+Left Shift+Print Screen . In this article, I am providing three different ways to permanently disable high-contrast mode . All have their pros and their cons, feel free to try each of them and let me kn