"Nginx HTTP Server" book published

Nginx HTTP Server was published and is now available for purchase on various locations. It will begin to appear in store in the coming weeks. You can already purchase the eBook from the publisher's website at the link below:
The eBook can be purchased for 23.79€ whereas the book is 31.49€.
There is also a preview chapter available on the website for anyone to read!
Please feel free to leave your comments, feedback and questions if you have read the book.


Nginx HTTP Server: the book

I am glad to to announce the first Nginx book on the market: Nginx HTTP Server, written by... me. :-)

"Adopt Nginx for your web applications to make the most of your infrastructure and server pages faster than ever."
Focused on the primary aspect of Nginx (HTTP serving), the book covers the following topics:
  • Get started with Nginx to serve websites faster and safer
  • Learn to configure your servers and virtual hosts efficiently
  • Set up Nginx to work with PHP and other applications via FastCGI
  • Explore possible interactions between Nginx and Apache to get the best of both worlds
  • A step-by-step guide to switching from Apache to Nginx
  • Complete configuration directive and module reference
There are 8 chapters and 3 appendices, listed here:
  • 1. Preparing your work environment: getting ready to work under a command-line environment, with a reminder on the basic tools and commands.
  • 2. Downloading and installing Nginx: downloading the source, the prerequisites, building the application, installing it and learning to solve installation issues.
  • 3. Nginx core configuration: configuring the core modules and optimizing your setup for your current hardware architecture.
  • 4. HTTP configuration: configuring the HTTP core module (virtual hosts, http/server/location blocks...)
  • 5. Module configuration: configuring and using additional modules such as the rewrite module, SSI module and all other first-party modules.
  • 6. Setting up Nginx to work with PHP and Python: learn to use the FastCGI module to set up PHP with Nginx, then Python.
  • 7. Setting up Nginx as a reverse proxy: discovering the Proxy module and setting up a reverse proxied architecture with Nginx as frontend and Apache as backend.
  • 8. Switching from Apache to Nginx: a complete guide to switching from Apache to Nginx, covering everything including converting Apache rewrite rules to Nginx.
  • Appendix A: full directive index. A list and description of all configuration directives, sorted alphabetically. Module directives are also described in their respective chapters too.
  • Appendix B: full module reference. A detailed list of all available modules.
  • Appendix C: troubleshooting. Discusses the most common issues that administrators face when they configure Nginx.
By covering both early setup stages and advanced topics, this book will suit web administrators interested in solutions to optimize their infrastructure, whether they are looking into replacing existing web server software or integrating a new tool cooperating with applications already up and running. If you, your visitors, and your operating system have been disappointed by Apache, this book is exactly what you need.

The book will be available online as eBook and of course in libraries in the major english speaking countries: USA, UK, India, Canada (to be confirmed) and many more. You will find more information and descriptions over at the publisher's website: click here to see the official page about the first Nginx book.

PS: In fact, it appears that there is already a book about Nginx, but it was written in Chinese and never translated and published on the western markets.


Visual Studio 2010 web development bible

Julien Dollon, whose blog is available here, recently finished writing his book about web development under Visual Studio 2010.
Knowing the professionalism and the talent of Julien, this book should turn out to be an excellent read for all of us web developers interested in the .NET platform. The book is already available for pre-orders on Amazon.
Congratulations Julien!

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