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China upgrades its Great Firewall to regulate VPNs

I have lived in China for two years now and I must say I am absolutely disgusted by the new censorship measures enforced by the Chinese government. Especially this new one. Here's how the story begins. Late April, before the Easter holidays, I was still enjoying live TV streaming from french channels through my regular VPN. It wasn't too fast but good enough to stream correctly without much buffering. When I got back from holiday early May, I noticed that all my VPNs still worked but the speed had become incredibly bad , I could barely access websites - let alone stream live video. I thought it would be temporary or that maybe peering between China Telecom and Europe was saturated. But it got worse. At work (I work at a foreign school) ever since I got back from holiday, our connection would get shut down every now and then . Nearly every single foreign website (most IP addresses outside of China) would be unreachable for hours. We decided to investigate the issue with our