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Page Title Change Detector: a simple Windows program to detect changes in web page titles at regular intervals

Page Title Change Detector is a tiny Windows utility program written in C# that downloads a web page's source code at a regular interval and alerts you when the title changes. This program offers one simple functionality: Select an interval (in seconds) Enter the URL of a web page Press 'Start' When you press 'Start', the program will retrieve the page title once and set it as 'Initial page title'. Then it will redownload the same page regularly at the specified interval. If a change is detected, the program stops checking, emits a sound, and displays an alert message box. Requirements: Microsoft Windows .NET Framework 4.5.1+ Internet connection This program does not require any installation. It doesn't save any settings, or file, or anything anywhere. Just download the .exe file and run it. Download by clicking here (.zip) The full source is available on GitHub  if anyone wants to make improvements or check out the code.