VPNAutoConnect 1.0 for Windows: automatically connect and reconnect to a VPN

I am releasing a handy little tool I have been working on called VPNAutoConnect. It does a couple of simple things Windows won't let you do (at least not easily):
- automatically reconnects to a VPN when the connection is lost
- connects to a VPN on computer start-up
- logs VPN connection events for debugging

I designed this tool because I have been using a VPN for a while but I randomly get disconnected. I wish Windows offered an option to automatically reconnect but strangely there isn't an easy, straightforward way to do that (as of today). With this tool, not only my VPN connection is started when I boot my computer, but it always reconnects automatically after I get those random disconnects.

This is a free open source program designed with Visual Studio Community 2015. It requires the .NET framework 4.5.2, and it makes uses of the DotRas library.
- Download program from here: vpnautoconnect-1.0.zip (SHA1)
- Download sources from here: vpnautoconnect-1.0.src.zip (SHA1)
NB: use at your own risks. Tested under Windows 8.1 only.

There are 3 command-line arguments that control the behavior of the program, allowing you to achieve automatic VPN connections on computer startup for example.
--quiet: enables the 'do not display ballon tips' option
--timer=N: sets the timer to N seconds
--connection=XXX: automatically connect/reconnects to XXX when the application starts. If your connection has spaces in its name, try using quotes (ie. --connection="My VPN")

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