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Sublime Text vs phpDesigner vs PhpStorm

Lately I have been trying out several IDE solutions in order to improve my development productivity. Working on large projects made me realize that I was probably not using the right tools. Over the past year I have tried three in particular and I've got a clear winner here. So clear in fact that I thought I should write about it. The three solutions that I am comparing are: Sublime Text (multi-platform, loaded with plugins), $70 phpDesigner (Windows only), 29€ PhpStorm (multi-platform), $99 They all have trial periods so you are free to try them out for a limited time. Also please bear in mind that I am only working on PHP projects, so if that is not the case for you, you might find this article irrelevant. Sublime Text I was originally using Notepad++ as code editor, but when I started working on larger projects I quickly felt the need for something more. I was recommended Sublime Text by a friend. Let me list the pros and cons of the solution before discussi