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Simple VPN autoconnect for Windows 8 and 10

Since Windows 7, for some reason VPN support in new Windows versions has annoyingly decreased in quality. You can't create shortcuts to VPNs on the desktop or in the start menu anymore; you can't set up a VPN connection to automatically connect on start up; and with Windows 10 there is even a bug (at the time of writing this article) that makes you click on another connection item in the list before the Connect button appears. The simplest way to achieve automatic VPN connection on computer start-up is to create a batch/cmd file with the following command: rasdial "VPN Connection" username password Where: - rasdial is the name of the command-line utility that will perform the connection - replace "VPN Connection" by the actual name of the VPN connection - replace username by your actual VPN user name - replace password by your actual VPN password If you want the VPN connection to be started when you log on, simply place this batch script into