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WPF: drawing a video using MediaPlayer, VideoDrawing and DrawingBrush

I've decided to start this blog for a simple reason: I was recently doing some research on various subjects, and was unable to find any clear documentation. And here I was thinking the World Wide Web had all the answers. Perhaps my contributions will help some of my fellow developers! This first article is about how to draw a video using the MediaPlayer class in WPF (C# only - my apologies to VB.NET users: I'm allergic to VB). I was in the middle of preparing a training session at Avanquest Software when I read something in the WPF MOC: using the MediaElement control isn't the only way you can draw a video on a surface. Doh! I investigated a little further on the subject but couldn't find anything on the subject. What does this do? This article will explain how to use the MediaPlayer class to play a video on a surface. To demonstrate the wide range of possibilities offered by this mechanism, I will explain how to draw the same video clip on 9 different controls simu