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Easiest way to transfer application settings across computers: AppMigrate

UPDATE October 2014: this application has been discontinued. [Old article:] This article presents you with the top 3 ways to migrate or transfer applications settings across computers. This will come in handy in situations such as: when you buy a new computer and need to transfer your settings from your old computer to your new computer when you want to replicate or send application settings to a friend or someone else when you want to back up your settings in order to ensure you won't lose something if your computer were to break down somehow The solution I'm going to present you is fully automated, free, and it's even open source so it's completely devoid of all risks regarding data privacy. It's a simple tool called AppMigrate . Quick tutorial First, head over to the official website and download the latest AppMigrate installer . Install the program and open it via the newly created shortcut in your start/home menu. A window appears showing you