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3 PHP quizzes for testing your knowledge: beginner, medium, and advanced levels

Hello everyone, I have created three short quizzes for testing your PHP knowledge. They were meant to be used before job interviews as a way to provide a quick evaluation of the skill level of the applicant. They have served their purpose so I am releasing them to the public. If you really want to know your level, don't google up the answers while playing. Beginner : Medium : Advanced : What was your score? Also, did you notice any errors in the questions? I know some of the answers can be up to debate (the regexp one in particular) but obviously if you know the answer you will pick the one that best matches what you think is the truth.  Also, keep in mind that while I consider these to be "beginner", "medium", and "advanced" levels, depending on your own skills you could laugh and consider me a newbie. It's just that from my perspective, if an intervi