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Disqus comments, 3rd edition, 2 million page views

Just a quick update that most likely no one will read, but here it is anyway: I have switched comment systems, we're now with Disqus. Blogger did a terrible job at preventing spam so I'm hoping I'll get luckier with Disqus. I removed about 2000 spam comments so far. Nginx HTTP Server , 3rd edition is coming up soon ! The first draft is complete. After checking out user reviews online we decided that this edition should focus on examples and case studies, rather than standing for the ultimate directive reference or index. The first edition from 2009/2010 was meant as an exhaustive reference that people could use at all times, but several readers complained that the information was readily available online. We never pretended otherwise but we tried to make the documentation in the book more accessible and legible. Hopefully this new edition will prove satisfying to all. 2 million page views on the blog - we're almost there! In a couple of days the amazing milestone o