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JWPlayer: remembering position in video, to resume playback later

As part of my recent developments on my upload site, which comes with interesting video playback capabilities, I've added the possibility for visitors who watch a video once and interrupt playback to return to the video later on and resume where they left off. In short: you are watching a video, you suddenly or accidentally close the tab or visit another site. When you go back to the video page and start playing again, the video will resume where you left off. I was wrong to assume that this was an upcoming feature for JwPlayer, seeing as one of the authors stated that they " don't support this explicitely ". So I designed it myself with minimal coding. Note that this has been tested on JWPlayer 5 and above, but I cannot guarantee that it will always work in the future. Here is how I am going to detail this tweak: 1. Introduction and requirements 2. Remembering the position 3. Setting the starting offset 4. Cookie data limitations Intro