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Top 3 ways to extract images from .docx/.doc Word documents

Lately I've been in a situation where I had an image embedded into a .docx Word document, and I absolutely needed to get the original image file  in order to be able to retrieve the original best-quality picture. See the screenshot below? My document contains a picture, it shows up as a small thumbnail, but I need the original high-resolution picture. This tutorial shows the way, it works with  Microsoft Word 2007 and above . There are several ways to retrieve or extract images from a Word document. I am going to be listing the top 3 ways to do so in this article. Feel free to use whichever way you want, but expect different results. Here is the article index here: Renaming the .docx to .zip , opening the zip file and extracting the images (Best way!) Copying and pasting the image into a picture processing application (Alright) Saving the document as a web page and retreiving the generated images (Nice!) Alternatively you could just use the Snipping Tool from Windo