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Outlook 2007: replying to multiple emails or senders

Today, I received about 60 emails from my students who were handing in their assignments. Normally, I would just ask them to assume that I have received their emails correctly, but since we had trouble with the Internet connection, most of my students wanted to make sure I had received their work in due time. So I decided to send a kind confirmation reply to all the students that emailed me their work. So here I go, opening Microsoft Outlook 2007 , selecting multiple emails, right click to find the option " Reply to all " ... horror! It's not there! There's no apparent way to reply to all my students at once. What's worse is there isn't even an option to collect email addresses from people who emailed me (I would then have created one email with all recipients in BCC). How it works, in a nutshell After Googling it for about an hour, turns out there is no regular solution to perform such a basic operation. All the solutions I found involved installation o