Nginx HTTP Server - Third Edition now available!

I am glad to announce that the third edition of "Nginx HTTP Server" (the book) is now available! You can already buy the ebook over at Amazon.com or directly from Packt Publishing. Paperback version will follow on December 1st.

Aside from the numerous corrections, chapter overhauls, and section rewrites, this new edition comes with two entirely new chapters:
  • an introduction to load balancing and optimization
  • real life case studies, starting from scratch
It is much more practice-oriented, focusing on examples rather than endless directive bullet lists. We learned a lot from reader reviews and I can safely say that this edition is the best by far! Congratulations to everyone who's been working hard on the project over the past months - especially Siddhesh, Kirti, and Indrajit! If you are interested in getting a free copy of this book (ebook version), please feel free to post a comment here. I will get back to you quickly!

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