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HTTPS with Nginx: setting up an SSL certificate in 3 simple steps

This article will explain how to serve content securely over HTTPS via Nginx . This can be done in 3 simple steps detailed below. It's unbelievably easy! I've even added an optional step for optimization, and links for further readings. The three steps are as follows: Step 1: preparing your private key and CSR  Step 2: obtaining an SSL certificate Step 3: Nginx SSL configuration This post is valid as of October 2014, tested with Nginx 1.2, Nginx 1.4 and Nginx 1.6 (probably works with every version above 1.2). For older versions, directive names might change just a tiny bit but the rest of the process should otherwise work normally. Requirements You will need to have OpenSSL installed on your server. To find out whether OpenSSL is installed on your server, type " openssl version ". It should tell you the version you are running. I recommend version 1.0.1 at least because it supports several features which will come in handy in future tutorials (inc

1,000,000 page views on this blog!

Just a quick self congratulation post: 6 years after the launch of this blog, I've already received 1,000,000 page views! The milestone was reached last week while I was away. This has led me to realize that I should probably update this blog a little more. I've got two articles coming up: - How to set up an SSL certificate on Nginx to serve HTTPS content - How to enable SPDY on Nginx Thank you for visiting!

jQuery UI dialog centering ultimate fix

UPDATE OCTOBER 2014 : jQuery UI was recently updated and the dialogs finally position correctly at the center of the screen! Don't specify any position for your dialog and it'll in the right place by default. Glad they got that sorted out! [This post is now obsolete] I have been having issues positioning jQuery UI dialogs for a long time. What I expect from a modal dialog is simple: it must be centered on the screen if I scroll the page, the dialog should still be at the center of the screen (fixed position) when I invoke the dialog for example by clicking a link, the page must not scroll either when I close the dialog, the page must not scroll up or down Simple requirements you say; though for some reason I haven't been able to achieve this with basic jQuery UI functions. I would *always* have at least one of the following issues, even after trying a good number of fixes recommended online: dialog shows up off screen (scrolling is required to be able t

How to set up a simple mail server on Debian in 5 easy steps

This tutorial will take you through the steps of setting up and configuring a simple mail server (SMTP, POP3, IMAP) on Debian/Linux. The instructions will be given for Debian, but they can be adapted quite simply to other distributions such as Ubuntu and other Debian-based OSes; you could even pretty much follow the same steps if you're running Red-Hat based systems such as CentOS or Fedora. I can promise you that this is as easy as it gets, provided you have correctly verified and validated the pre-requisites step. What we will achieve in this tutorial We will be setting up a simple email server with the following basic functionality: The server will be able to both send (via SMTP) and receive emails (via IMAP and POP3) optionally with SSL functionality User accounts and  passwords will be encrypted and stored in a simple text file , which can be managed easily with a text editor. It will support a potentially infinite amount of mailboxes over one or more domains As