"Nginx HTTP Server" book published

Nginx HTTP Server was published and is now available for purchase on various locations. It will begin to appear in store in the coming weeks. You can already purchase the eBook from the publisher's website at the link below:
The eBook can be purchased for 23.79€ whereas the book is 31.49€.
There is also a preview chapter available on the website for anyone to read!
Please feel free to leave your comments, feedback and questions if you have read the book.


Ryan Snowden/boxedthrills said...

Great work Clement. I hope to review your book soon. a big fan of Nginx ;)

Ryan from Beijing

Clément Nedelcu said...

Hehe, thanks Ryan... another Nginx user from China!

Anonymous said...

Hello Clément,

I have been asked by Packt Publishing to write a review of your Nginx book, and I thought it would be a nice idea to do it in the form of little email Q&A with you.
You can contact me at ludovf.net.

Let me know what you think,

Ludovico Fischer

Clément Nedelcu said...


OK, we could do that.
I will send you an email if I can find your address.

Grégory said...


you are french, it would be nice to have a french version ;)


Clément Nedelcu said...

I mentioned it to my publisher but I think it'll depend on the sales. Besides I don't know if they do books in other languages too...

tt said...

Please help me! I want to translate the book "Nginx HTTP Server" into chinese,because this book is very good! But I don't what I do , in other words, I need to know to contact !
Give me help ,thanks

my e-mail:ltgzs777@126.com

Anonymous said...

i think this's very useful book for me,but i can't buy in China. few days ago,i read another book about Nginx writen by Zhang yichun. now i wanna get more information from your book. i hope to have chance to study with you.

Frank from Jiangsu Wuxi
email: wangxyong2001@163.com

Anonymous said...

e... I think I make a mistake , that book writen by Zhangyan which i have read.
I've watched the video about Nginx by Zhangyichun. but it's difficult for me ... hehe =.=!

frank from Jiangsu Wuxi
email: wangxyong2001@163.com

Karl said...

:P Now just got to release another book to cover the stable 1.0.0 branch :D

Clément Nedelcu said...

I've given it some thought but there isn't anything major that justifies an update of the book. As far as I can tell everything that's in the book works as of v1.0.0 and I don't see any major feature that could require an update of the book. Sure the directive index could be updated and all but then how often are you going to do it? new stable versions are frequent and little things get added often :)

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