How to fix: Outlook on iOS/iPhone: "No Internet Connection"

Microsoft Outlook is probably one of the best (if not the best) email client for iOS to date. Sadly, you may run into a random annoying problem which basically renders the application useless: it displays a message saying "No internet connection", at which point you can't receive or send emails anymore. The number of people having this issue is incredibly high, as I discovered when it happened to me yesterday:

After reading all of these posts and many more, there did not appear to be a particular solution for this. I had already checked the following:
  • my Internet was of course working properly, on both WiFi and 4G
  • I made sure to allow data/internet usage for the Outlook app
  • I made sure my email accounts were working properly (they work fine on the Outlook desktop app & web)
  • I tried enabling or disabling push notifications but that did not help
  • I tried to use the 'reset account' functionality in the Outlook app settings for each of the accounts
  • I made sure I had enough storage space left on device, which I did, over 10 GB left. And the Outlook app itself was only using about 200 MB.

None of the above proved useful.

The only solution?

Eventually, here is what I did to get the app to work again:

  1. Removed all my accounts one by one from the Outlook app
  2. Went to the iOS settings, "Storage & icloud" settings, manage storage, selected the 'Outlook' app and tapped 'Delete' in order to delete the application from my iPhone
  3. I re-downloaded the application from the App Store
  4. I set up my accounts into the app again

Thankfully, the 'no internet connection' message hasn't shown up again until now. It's really surprising that considering the amount of people having this issue (not even recently) Microsoft have yet to address the issue properly. If someone is reading this, my iPhone is running the latest version of iOS 10, and I always keep my apps up to date so I had the latest version of Outlook for iOS installed at the time of writing this article.


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