Affiliate module for Interspire Shopping Cart

I have already implemented this module on two shops rather successfully. The concept is quite simple:
  • websites that want to get rewarded through affiliation must link to your website using an identifier in the URL. If your website is http://website.com/, then your links must be of the form http://website.com/?ref=123 where 123 is the affiliate ID.
  • when a visitor clicks the link, the affiliate ID will be placed in a cookie that will expire after 15 days (this can be configured)
  • when the visitor purchases an item: if the affiliate ID cookie is still enabled, the affiliate will be credited of a certain amount, it can be a share of the sale or a fixed amount.
  • affiliate accounts are simple customer accounts, there is no modification to make regarding accounts. When a sale is made, they receive store credit. They can either spend the store credit to purchase items on the store, or they can manually request for a withdrawal (managing withdrawals is up to you).
I will detail the implementation of this module. It's actually quite simple. You will need:
  • a tiny modification of the orders SQL table if you want to log individual sales
  • modifications in a few of the PHP scripts of Interspire Shopping Cart
  • an additional PHP script that I have provided for download.
Finally I have to mention that I have only applied this on Interspire Shopping Cart 5.x, I've never used it on Interspire Shopping Cart 6 but I don't see any reason why this wouldn't work. You can just try it out and revert the changes if it doesn't work.

Download and install the PHP module

Download the module called affiliate.php. You need to place it in the /lib/ folder of your website. You then need to include the module into Interspire Shopping Cart. To do so, open the /init.php which is at the root of your website. At the end of the file, add this line:


Modification of the SQL table

Begin by modifying the orders SQL table that will allow us to log the sales made by affiliates. The modification is very small and it will NOT affect anything in your store. It will not break anything so don't be worried about it. I've done it multiple times like I said. You need to add a single field at the end of the table: "ordaffiliate". It's an "int" field with a size of at least 10. It will be used to hold the ID of the affiliate who got the sale.

ALTER TABLE `isc_orders` ADD `ordaffiliate` INT( 11 ) NOT NULL COMMENT 'ID of the affiliate who got the sale'

Logging sales properly

Next step is: when someone places an order on the website, we need to store the affiliate ID in the "ordaffiliate" field of the order, and also credit the affiliate for the sale. Open the /includes/class/class.checkout.php file. Find this text in the source code: "$pendingOrder = array" it is not a complete line but you should only get one result.
Before the end of the array, in other words before the );  add this line:
            'ordaffiliate' => isset($_COOKIE["ref"]) ? intval($_COOKIE["ref"]) : "0",
What it does is it checks if the "ref" cookie is set; if it's set then it will save its value in the database. If it's not set it just stores 0. NOTE: if you insert this line as the last line of the array, don't forget to add a comma to the line above! Like this:
            'ordstatus' => $orderStatus,
            'ordaffiliate' => isset($_COOKIE["ref"]) ? intval($_COOKIE["ref"]) : "0"

Another modification must be applied to this file: /lib/entities/entity.order.php
When you open it, you will see a massive array of strings like this:
        $schema = array(
                "orderid" => "int",
                "ordtoken" => "text",
Anywhere in the array, add this line:
                "ordaffiliate" => "int",

Once that is done, you can get to the next step...

Giving affiliate credit at the right time

You don't want to be giving affiliate credit when someone hasn't paid for their order yet. So we'll only give the credit when the sale is complete. Open /lib/orders.php and find this function: function UpdateOrderStatus.
Scroll down in the function until you find this:
    if (OrderIsComplete($status)) {
            $updatedOrder['orddateshipped'] = time();

We are going to change this block a bit and replace it by this:
    if (OrderIsComplete($status)) {
            $updatedOrder['orddateshipped'] = time();
            // Give affiliate credit!
            if ($order['ordaffiliate'])

We call the "GiveAffiliateCredit" function only if the order is complete/shipped, and if the order has an affiliate ID defined.

At this point the module is functional. Affiliates will receive store credit for the sales they make. Now what you would like is to allow your affiliates to visualize the sales they have made! We're going to need another modification...

Integrating an "affiliate account" link on the account page

The first modification that you have to make will be in the HTML templates of your store design. Open your Admin control panel, and click the "Store design" link at the top right of the page. On the Store Design page, click the "Browse Template Files..." button. Open the "account.html" page by clicking it in the menu on the left. In the account.html page you will find a bullet list (<ul> ... </ul>) corresponding to the links from the account page. Add a new item in the bullet list (<li> tag) like this:

<li><a href='account.php?action=affiliate#affiliate' title='Manage my affiliate account'>Affiliate account</a> - Manage your affiliate account and view your sales</li>

There is another modification you need to make. After the </ul> tag, add this little bit:


Save the template and close the window. We are now going to create that affiliate page.

The Affiliate Account page

At this point if you click the link "Affiliate account" that you have inserted on the account page, it won't take you anywhere. It just takes you back to the regular account page. We need to edit the /includes/classes/class.account.php file and make the following modification:

Find the line where it says "switch ($action)" there should be only one in this file
Right below this line, add the following code:
                    case "affiliate": {

To ensure that it works correctly, go to your account page and click the "Affiliate account" link. Here is a screenshot of the Affiliate Account section on the "My Account" page, with one affiliate sale.

Configuring the module

If you open the affiliate.php file that I've provided before, you will find interesting configuration settings at the beginning of the file.
define( "AFFILIATE_ENABLED",             true );     // enable or disable the affiliate module

define( "AFFILIATE_COOKIE_DURATION",     14);         // how many days should the affiliate cookie remain active?
define( "AFFILIATE_COMMISSION",         5 / 100);     // commission that affiliates make when a sale is made. Here it's 5%
define( "AFFILIATE_FIXED_AMOUNT",        10);        // if you want to use a fixed amount IN ADDITION TO THE COMMISSION, define the amount here.
define( "AFFILIATE_REASON", "AFFILIATE-CASHBACK");     // When an order is made, an entry in the "customer_credit" table is added. This is the credit "reason". If you change this after some sales were made, the sales won't be listed (see DisplayAffiliateAccountPage function below)
define( "AFFILIATE_SELF_AFFILIATE",     true);        // If the affiliate account is the same as the customer account (the customer is the affiliate) do we credit the affiliate account?
define( "AFFILIATE_INCLUDE_SHIPPING",     false);     // Include shipping costs in the commission calculation?

Feel free to change the value of each setting according to the affiliate policy you want to implement.

That's it! Your affiliate module is fully ready and functional.


Péter said...

Thank you very much!
Can we do second tier referral program?
Regards, Peter

JD said...

Hi i seem to be getting this error,

Fatal error: Call to undefined function displayaffiliateaccountpage() in /home2/*****/public_html/***/includes/classes/class.account.php on line 42

JD said...

if you know how to fix the above error please email jdng5@yahoo.com
Thank you

JD said...

Ok i fixed the above error, The reason it didnt work is because when i added require_once(dirname(__FILE__).'/lib/affiliate.php'); into the init.php file it failed to save correctly.

Clément Nedelcu said...

wow, thankfully you managed to fix the problem yourself. I was quite confused as to how you managed to get this error... :)

Péter said...

I ask second time, maybe you didnt red my question before: There is option to do second tier referral program? Please help me!
Thank you!

Indra Online said...

thank you very much for this free tutorial. ive tried this and the problem i found was, when i set the order status to "completed", it says there is an error on affiliate.php line 35, and the StoreCredit doesnt included the 5% commision, only fixed bonus showed correctly. do we have to change/fill storecredit amount manually? but even after i enter it manually the storecredit on "MY affiliate account page" wont change, it show only creditstore based on fix bonus.
btw, i use this on ver.6. i Really appreciate your help, sir.

Clément Nedelcu said...

unfortunately this mod only works for Interspire 5. I don't have Interspire 6 running so unfortunately it seems it doesn't work.

Indra Online said...

oh, .. NOw i regret that i didnt learn about php:( it was very close to worked charm on ver 6. the only problem it wont calculate the commission automaticaly, so for now i think i just have to manually input the comission.
Thanks :)

ene said...

Hello guys.
I found this module very useful. It does not have everything I needed, so I worked on it a little bit, but it's a good start!

In order to make work on ISC 6, just change line 35 with the following:
$amount = AFFILIATE_INCLUDE_SHIPPING ? $order['total_inc_tax'] : ($order['total_inc_tax']-$order['shipping_cost_inc_tax']);

There's also a small error in the last paragraph. The original php file call $credit in order to get the Store Credit. In ISC6 you can retrieve the Store Credit using:

$customer = $GLOBALS['ISC_CLASS_CUSTOMER']->GetCustomerDataByToken();
$GLOBALS['StoreCreditAmount'] = CurrencyConvertFormatPrice($customer['custstorecredit']);

Thanks, Clement.

CTCTech said...

Can you elaborate a bit more on the fix for ISC6? I have attempted to implement the corrections you had in your comment but still returning an error at the top of the page when on the affiliate page and also not showing store credit correctly. Your help is appreciates. Also great tutorial as well. Very helpful.

CTCTech said...

I have continued to work with the ISC6 integration and still getting the errors listed below:
Warning: number_format() expects parameter 1 to be double, string given

In the Affiliate Account page its displaying

My affiliate sales
Your current store credit balance is: $

I have tried several different ways to implement the info you gave and get the same result every time.

Adrian said...

Hello, just implemented this in my ISC version 4. It shows no errors whatsover, everything looks fine. But it seems it does not calculate the commission, it shows "0". I manually modified in the database the value in "ordaffiliate", asigning a few completed orders to one particular account ID. Then logged in into that particular account, and still shows comission zero.
Any ideas?
Also, as an administrator, where can I see the active affiliates (the ones who are earning money)?

Anonymous said...

If you're using subtotal for affiliates on isc 6, you need to change line #35 in affiliates.php to:
$amount = AFFILIATE_INCLUDE_SHIPPING ? $order['ordtotalamount'] : $order['subtotal_ex_tax'];

$order['ordsubtotal'] did not work.

Great script, btw!

Anonymous said...

Hello, i cannot find

$schema = array(
"orderid" => "int",
"ordtoken" => "text",

in entity.order.php

so im not too sure where to put
"ordaffiliate" => "int",

im on ISC 5.0.2

Blog Artfinit said...

Hello guys ... I speak from Brazil, I'm not getting 5.2 store to operate the module filliates, on commission ... can someone help me solve this problem, everything works less commission ... hope someone help me. ABCs ..!! war

Martin said...

Completed a rewrite of the module with a bunch of changes, bug fixes and feature improvements for ISC 6.1.1.

All posted up here:

Studio Cris Designer said...

Is to add the control panel (backend) in the profile of each user which affiliate account is he buying? If so, how? Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hello everybody, here is Suely, can someone give me complete this module working: Affiliate module for Interspire Shopping Cart in version 5.532, I'm lay in php but would like to put in my store, and we'll be grateful friends ... my email is arfinit2013 @ gmail - we would Bjs friends!

maiconkkl said...

Hi i seem to be getting this error,

Fatal error: Call to undefined function isc_setcookie() in /home/adult640/public_html/volupiasexshop.com.br/loja1/lib/affiliate.php on line 139

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